Who is Auntie M? And what is a Dog Diva?

A Dog Diva is anyone who embraces the feminine joys of life as they apply to dog parenthood! From baking to crafting, to just being the person with all the information all of the time (mom traits), you don't have to be a he, she or them, you can identify as any gender to be a Dog Diva!

As a single dog mom of two (dogs), I have the roles of both parents, so embracing the feminine and masculine is just a part of every day life. Even if you're just interested in learning how to be a more health conscious dog parent, you too can be a Diva.

I truly am so excited you're here! I'm Melanie Fox, aka Auntie M. Auntie to many dogs, mommy to two! Ameera (4) and Akeem (12) pictured below, who are couture blends of Rescue Chihuahua and very much one of a kind!

If you're like me, my dogs ARE my kids (I regularly confuse people when I refer to them as such). I always thought I'd be a mom to two-legged kids, but when that wasn't in the plan, I realized I can still fulfill my mom-ing dreams with my dogs! Plus, they can stay home alone at any age, don't talk back (well Ameera does sometimes) and I never have to worry about them leaving me because they're forever babies! Now if only I could deduct them on my taxes.....

However, being a true dog parent comes with a LOT of responsibility. It can be overwhelming to dissect the endless content on the internet on how to feed, how to train, how to BE the best dog parent. And honestly...just being an adult is hard enough as it is! So, after learning everything the hard way, and boy I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G...I wanted to compile my Dog Mom wisdom into a handy little app that goes everywhere that you do! 

First time dog owner? Seasoned dog dad? Dog rescue warrior? There's something for every level of dog parent here. You can be as extra as you like, this is a safe space! Because lord knows I'm extra AF, and counting. Each month I'll continue to build the aresenal of content, so you can educate yourself on daily care to give your dog the longest, and happiest life possible, while also giving you new activities and craft downloads to build memories that aren't just for your dog, they're for you too! 

What makes me qualified to share this cornucopia of information with you? Well, I'm a Certified Canine Nutritionist of over 15 years, Certified Herbalist, ran my own dog rescue for 9 years, have fostered over 500 dogs, and have had 10 furbabies of my own. Over which time, I've come across almost every illness/injury/allergy in the books. I'm like the old lady (okay not that old, but def older than you think) who helps all the new moms in the village, not because she's a doctor, but because she has the tried and true experience. Also, let me take this moment to state that I AM NOT A VETERINARIAN, which I know the keyboard warriors will be quick to remind me of! I will always be the first to recommend a trip to the vet when there are lethargic symtoms, and an array of other signs.

I've tried almost every solution, from western medicine, to chinese medicine, to homeopathy and more...I am a firm believer in the "kitchen sink" method (throwing everything at it) and am happy to share advice from my experience. Because anyone can take a nutrition course, but it requires the experience to know what truly works and doesn't work to be Auntie M! I'm constantly learning every day and look forward to sharing every bit of it with you!


I always recommend alternative remedies alongside vet recommended ones. I am here to share my views on remedies and experiences, but I urge you to take what resonates for you and your dog. Everyone has different experiences and every situation is unique! It is my MISSION to empower you to be an advocate for your furbaby, whether it's here or at your vet's office.

When I went on the holistic journey with my own pets, I found that I had to create my own recipes to get the right balance for them, and had the luxury of trying, and perfecting, my recipes on the many rescue pups in my care. So I can assure you they are pawfect for every PAW! I specialize in sensitive stomachs, health issues, allergy cases, picky eaters, little and elderly mouths (because I've had all of the above).

After perfecting my recipes, I started with creating the first Dog Food Truck, the Snackin' Waggin', "Where it's okay to beg!" to support my dog rescue efforts. Followed by opening Homegrown Hounds Dog Deli & Bakery, an indoor "Chuck-E-Cheese" of it's own kind where dogs rule, and humans...uhhh...can sit over there. Jk, but you get the gist.

I believe every pup should get to enjoy the spoils of life, because that's what makes life JOY-FUL! That can get hard when you have a furbaby with special needs, but don't worry, I got you! I aim to give you the tools to do so by sharing health first recipes that are easy to execute and follow, and fit into a busy lifestyle. Sure sure, those doggie fajitas on instagram look real real cute, but ain't nobody got time for that. (and I say as the most extra Dog Diva possible!) Even a self proclaimed "I don't even cook for myself" person can accomplish my recipes in no time.

Dogs give SO MUCH to us every day, and when we sign up to be their parents, we are signing up to lose them far too soon. Something that is completely unatural to a parent, and only those who have gone through the loss can empathize. While I can't make them live forever (but the oldest  dog was 30! just sayin), I can help you make the MOST of the time you WILL get with them, so they're quality of life is always enjoyable and you can rid yourself of that "mom guilt" that we all come with. You'll meet the end with them knowing that you gave them the best you could, and no doubt they returned the favor.

With the biggest hugs,

Auntie M, Ameera & Akeem

Melanie Fox, aka "Auntie M" is a Certified Small Animal Naturopath, Herbalist, and Holistic Nutritionist, with over 16 years of experience. Running her own dog rescue, she fostered, cared for and cured rescue dogs of all breeds and sizes. Logging over 200 cases. She works with veterinarians and pet owners to aid in alternative treatments, customized diets and pet coaching sessions.