What's Your Dog's Celebrity Sign?

Take this quick quiz to find your dog's Sign and then Subscribe to our Dog Diva app to get their monthly reading filled with tips, tricks and monthly activity suggestions based on your dog's sign! There are also articles about choosing the right Sign for you and picking a compatible dog for your dog's existing Sign!

Your result will be emailed to you with your dog's personalized Celebrity Sign Frame, so you can share it on all of their socials, of course! (make sure to check your spam/junk mail folders if you don't see their results within 48hrs!)

Directions for taking the quiz:

  • Answer the questions based on what option describes your dog THE MOST. I know the answers may seem similar but they have distinctively different characteristics that describe certain temperaments.
  • This is no fun! Yes, I know, it's a little intense, but determining your dog's temperament from a set of 8 is serious business! It will get fun after this, I promise!
  • If your dog doesn't go into some of the scenarios (i.e. Dog Park), just answer based on how they handle large groups of dogs.
  • Don't stress! There are no wrong answers, and this is going to help you notice how your dog does handle these situations, so if you need to change your answers, you can always come back and take it again!