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Dog Divas is an app for all dog parents! Dog Divas is an app for all dog parents who love to be a little extra! From making easy to execute, health first recipes that fit into a busy lifestyle, to educational content, I cover all the bases of the dog parenting life. Because, after all, being a dog parent is a lifestyle!
As Seen on Good Morning Texas
Akeem and I had so much fun on Good Morning Texas! Watch the segment or check out the recap below.
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Videos: Dog Diva Dishes

How to Homemade Dog Food! Auntie M's Amazing Recipe Class
Auntie M
Garlic: is it safe?
Auntie M
Warning! Pup Cups are Bad…here’s what to get instead!
Auntie M
Balance It: Good or Bad?
Auntie M
How-to Dance PAWty!
Auntie M
Teeth Brushing & Toothpaste Recipe
Auntie M
Good Morning Texas Segment - Healthy Homemade Treats!
Auntie M
Easter treat WARNINGS part two! 🐰🚫🐶
Auntie M
Easter treat WARNINGS part one! 🐰🚫🐶
Auntie M
Let's Make Puppuccinos!
Auntie M

Pawcast: Dog Diva Dishes

What’s your dog person rating? The dog owner pyramid.
Auntie M

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