TCM Quiz: Is Your Dog Hot, Cold, or Neutral in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Written on 06/10/2024
Auntie M

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), understanding your dog's constitution can help tailor their care to keep them balanced and healthy. Take this quiz to determine if your dog is "hot," "cold," or "neutral."
Ever notice how sometimes your dog prefers some food over others? There's an actual medicine to that! While I've never seen health improvements based on diet alone, you can definitely make adjustments to the diet to ensure you're not creating more problems for your dog! 

1. Where does your dog prefer to rest?

A. Warm, sunny spots B. Cool, shady areas C. Anywhere comfortable

2. How does your dog react to hot weather?

A. Pants heavily and seeks cool surfaces B. Seems unaffected C. Occasionally seeks shade

3. How does your dog react to cold weather?

A. Enjoys it and appears more active B. Shivers and seeks warmth C. Neutral, no strong preference

4. What kind of food does your dog prefer?

A. Prefers cooler foods like yogurt or cold water B. Prefers warm or cooked foods C. Eats anything, no strong preference

5. How would you describe your dog’s energy level?

A. Hyperactive and restless B. Calm and slow-moving C. Balanced, neither too active nor too calm

6. What is your dog's coat like?

A. Thin and sleek B. Thick and fluffy C. Average, no noticeable extremes

7. How does your dog behave at night?

A. Restless and moves around a lot B. Sleeps deeply and doesn't move much C. Balanced, normal sleep patterns

8. What is your dog's appetite like?

A. Very strong, eats eagerly B. Picky or has a low appetite C. Normal, balanced appetite

9. How does your dog behave after exercise?

A. Heats up quickly, seeks cool places B. Takes a while to warm up, seeks warmth after C. Normal recovery, neither hot nor cold

10. How does your dog’s skin feel to the touch?

A. Often warm or hot B. Often cool or cold C. Neutral, neither warm nor cold


Mostly A's: Your dog is "Hot" or "Warm"

Your dog tends to have a warm constitution. They may prefer cooler environments and could benefit from cooling foods and activities. Check out the list of foods  

Mostly B's: Your dog is "Cool" or "Cold"

Your dog has a cool constitution. They likely seek warmth and may benefit from warmer foods and cozy environments. Check out the list of foods

Mostly C's (or an even mix of A & B's): Your dog is Neutral

Your dog has a balanced constitution, showing neither strong preferences for hot or cold. They likely adapt well to a variety of environments and foods. Check out the list of foods

Understanding your dog's TCM constitution can help you provide the best care and maintain their overall well-being. Check out our list of proteins, vegetables and grains and where they fall for heating & cooling!