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Written on 06/11/2024
Auntie M

If you love baking for your furry friends or are thinking about starting a business selling dog treats, it's crucial to opt for healthier ingredients. Almost every "dog cake" on the market is filled with poison, that's right, sugar is poison! Sugar feeds cancer cells and is something that dogs should have absolutely zero of! Dogs have less than 1/5 the taste buds that humans do, so don't worry - they don't know they're missing out! Not to mention that sugar becomes addictive and activates the same center of the brain as cocaine. Yeah, that's a no from me...

So why do all of these good hearted bakeries (or maybe even yourself) use these artificial additives that we use in our human baked goods? Because they're cute! Who doesn't want a dark red Spiderman cake? Or those frosted cookies that could fall on the floor and still look good as new! Sugar and artificial colorings make the baking world go round. So saying goodbye to them takes a commitment to health that few are willing to do. But you got this far, so let's keep going! 

Whether you're a professional baker or baking enthusiast, you can probably guess that icing with ingredients like heavy greek yogurt is going to be hard. I won't sugar-coat it (pun intended), it's a new concept and does take some things off the table when you're using natural food colorings. But don't worry! I have spent over a decade fine tuning how to make cakes and treats that are just as cute as the toxic ones! Sure, they're soft and have to be refrigerated. Maybe your Santa red is more "vintage" than others, but guess what - dogs can't see red anyways! Who do we make the cute part for? Us. And by ALL means, do I love being extra on decorating. But it's not worth losing years WITH them. There's a way to make everyone happy and I'm here to teach it to you!

My Baking Journey:

Early on in my nutrition journey for my own fur kiddos, I learned how unhealthy all of the commercial treats were on the market. I even took Tater to a 3 Dog Bakery, we were filled with excitement (I had him super hyped), only to find that every treat was filled with sugar, wheat flour, artificial colorings and honestly too hard for me to break in half - let alone for him to eat! (he was a Boston Terrier, they have wonky nubby teeth) So, super bummed out, I had to find a better way. The dog parents in the holistic community pretty much just quit celebrating or giving treats when they find out how unhealthy they are, but I feel that celebrating is what makes life worth living!

So after a decade and a half, I've developed proprietary techniques and skills that I am excited to share with the every day baker! I will release one video a week, a tutorial for one cake design, available for purchase and download.

Each class will come with a printable instructional tutorial and stencils/guides needed for the specific design. There is no experience necessary to bake along with me! I do however, have a class just for techniques and basics if you want to expand your skills. I love celebrating every holiday with my dogs, and with each one - comes a new cake! I have a free cake and cookie recipe in the app, or you can purchase my cake & frosting mixes to make it even easier. Plus, don't forget my coconut "fondant" for purchase for those more elaborate details!

Negative Effects of Common Ingredients found in treats and cakes from bakeries and pet stores:

Artificial Food Colorings

  • Effects: These can cause hyperactivity, allergic reactions, and potential long-term health issues. Our dogs deserve better!

Wheat Flour

  • Effects: It's a common allergen that can lead to digestive problems and inflammation. Let's keep their tummies happy and healthy.

Cream Cheese

  • Effects: High in fat and lactose, it can contribute to obesity and digestive upset. Not ideal for our pups.

Tapioca Powder

  • Effects: With low nutritional value, and 85% starch, it can cause spikes in blood sugar. We want steady energy for our dogs.

Yogurt Chips

  • Effects: Often filled with added sugars, hydrogenated oils and artificial ingredients, they can lead to digestive issues and weight gain.

Peanut Butter with Sugar and Palm Oil

  • Effects: High in unhealthy fats and sugars, and palm oil can cause stomach upset and is environmentally unfriendly.

Applesauce (High in Sugar)

  • Effects: Excess sugar can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and dental problems. Plus, sugar feeds cancer! Not what we want for our furry friends.

Milk Solids

  • Effects: Many dogs are lactose intolerant, leading to digestive issues like diarrhea and gas. We can do better!

Sugars, Sprinkles and Fondant

  • Effects: High sugar content can cause obesity, diabetes, and dental problems. Plus, sugar feeds cancer! Our pups don't need this.

Almond Flour

  • Effects: Contains higher fat content, can be hard to digest, and some dogs are allergic to nuts. Let's keep it safe.

Beneficial Reasons for Using Healthier Ingredients in your treats and cakes:

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

  • Benefits: High in protein, probiotics for digestive health, and low in fat. Perfect for our dogs.

Oat Flour

  • Benefits: Gluten-free, high in fiber, heart healthy, and gentle on the digestive system. Ideal for baking.

Carob Powder

  • Benefits: A safe chocolate alternative, rich in vitamins and minerals, and aids in digestion. Yum!

Flaxseed Meal

  • Benefits: High in omega-3 fatty acids, promotes healthy skin and coat, and supports cardiovascular health. So good!

Goat Milk

  • Benefits: Easier to digest than cow’s milk, rich in nutrients, and supports the immune system. A great choice.

Coconut Flour

  • Benefits: Gluten-free, high in fiber, and promotes healthy digestion and stable blood sugar levels. Fantastic!

Why Learn to Use These Ingredients?

Baking with healthier ingredients can be more challenging, and it requires specific techniques to get the best results. That's where my classes come in. I'll guide you on how to master these ingredients, ensuring your dog treats and cakes are not only delicious but also nutritious.

Join My Classes

  • Weekly Cake Designs: Learn how to make stunning and healthy cakes for dogs.
  • Beginner Tips & Techniques: Perfect if you're just starting out in dog baking.
  • Professional Guidance: Whether you’re a professional baker or a home cook, my classes cater to all skill levels.

By choosing healthier ingredients and learning the correct techniques, you can create treats that contribute to the well-being of dogs while standing out in the market as a provider of premium, health-conscious dog treats. Join my classes today and embark on a journey of baking excellence that will delight both dogs and their owners!

With love, Auntie M